Monthly Service Plans

Since regular aquarium maintenance is vital to keeping a tank clean and healthy, we recommend one of our monthly service & maintenance plans for our customers. These plans are offered at reduced rates from our standard cleaning fees and hourly rates.

Clean-A-Tank's Standard Service Plans:

Our standard service & maintenance programs include:

Scheduled visits with email notifications & reminders
• Inspection of aquarium equipment to ensure proper operation, including filters, heaters, pumps & lights
• Complete testing of water conditions to cover temperature, pH level, ammonia level, nitrate level and water hardness. Additionally, nitrite & water hardness testing will be performed as needed
• 10-25% water change and gravel wash on each visit using water supplied on-site
• Cleaning of the tank & equipment, including underwater & external surfaces
• Basic Freshwater Product Plan (de-chlorinator, tap water conditioner, aquarium salt)
• Bacterial Optimizer Additive Plan (required dosage for your tank)
• Algae Treatment Plan (as needed)
• Replacement of filter media as required (some brands may not be covered)
• Pre-measured fish food (basic plan - flake, pellet, wafer) provided in 7-day daily pillboxes to match your tank’s fish stocking level
• Periodic assessment of lighting levels with recommendations regarding exposure
• Off-site bleaching provided for decorations/rocks/plants (up to 3 times per year)
• Courtesy consultation for “fish tank makeovers”, fish stocking, equipment replacement/upgrades, water quality improvement and medical treatment of fish
• During scheduled visits, delivery of equipment, supplies and decorations that your tank may need or as you request (requires advanced approval from you)

Prices start as low as $65.99 - Call Us Today for a free estimate!

The Clean-A-Tank Philosphy:

More frequent visits allow us to stabilize your tank conditions and catch any potential problems sooner. By keeping water quality more consistent, we can also provide a more-stress free environment for your fish. These plans are billed monthly on the first of every month, regardless of when service occurs within the month.

Most of the service plan programs we can offer include pre-measured fish food, filter cartridges and media as well as all water conditioners for your tank at no extra-charge beyond the service plan fee. Our service and maintenance plan customers no longer have to worry about running out of these supplies when they are needed most, stocking up on these supplies or worrying about extra charges on their invoices. Our professional staff manages all supplies so our customers can enjoy their aquariums without any hassles or cleaning responsibilities.

We offer a full range of aquarium services, and are always available to provide quotes or estimates on any future product or service needs you may have, including supplies, new decorations, additional equipment, complete aquarium setups or customized installations. Any additional materials beyond those covered in the service plan that are used or consumed during one of our visits (RO/DI water, medication, etc…), requested supplies or ordered equipment will be charged separately from the monthly service plan fee. We would be proud to be your professional aquarium services provider and look forward to building a strong relationship with you and your finned friends!

Spread the Word!

We offer referral credits to current customers who refer us to new clients who signs-up for one of our monthly plans. The more clients you refer, the more you save on your own service charges. Simply tell your friends and neighbors. That’s all it takes.

Thank you for your interest in Clean-A-Tank, Inc.

Our successful and innovative service not only provides a healthy and beautiful lifestyle for your fish, but also frees you, the pet owner, from having to devote your time and energy to cleaning. Stop worrying about the hassles & mess of cleaning your tank on a regular basis and spend more time enjoying it!

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