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Why is a Clean Tank so important?

Aquarium maintenance, and more importantly, regular maintenance, is probably the most important element in aquarium success for several reasons.

1) Waste removal - Changing the water in itself will remove potentially toxic elements from the aquarium environment. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, and other complex organic molecules are removed and replaced with toxic-free water.

2) Stabilizing pH - Waste removal allows the buffering capacity of the aquarium water to stabilize the pH, and fluctuations are kept minimal. It's important to understand that the water being replaced is pH-buffered, and stabilized to the desired levels.

3) Minimizing stress - When there are less chemical and physical dramatic fluctuations in the aquarium, the specimens tend to stay much healthier, and sometimes even spawn.

4) Increased redox potential - Regular maintenance increases the livability of the aquarium water for the long-term. Redox potential is a basic measure of the water's ability to cleanse itself. Regular aquarium care increases the redox (oxidation/reduction) level by keeping fresh toxic-free water in the aquarium environment.

5) Keep chemical levels in check-Over-dosing medications or additives is common, so water changes can avoid potential die-off's due to poisoning or over-exposure.

6) Maximizes vitality and health-A healthy environment keeps healthy specimens.

7) Water stays clean and clear-Avoiding nitrate buildup and changing the mechanical and chemical filters keep the water clear and void of yellow discoloration.

8) Avoid detritus/algae buildup-Regular maintenance removes the physical waste products (scum), and allows the water to cleanse itself more efficiently.

9) Keeps aquarium looking great-The physical environment simply looks cleaner, and it's inhabitants will stay healthier. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule is not only beneficial, but essential for the looks and health of your aquarium.

If you get confused along the way, don't worry!. Clean-A-Tank is available to help.

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