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Already Have a Tank?

We offer full service aquarium maintenance & service plans as well as low cleaning rates!

Our service plans include:

Free filter cartridges* (select equipment only)
• Free fish food, pre-measured – all you have to do is feed them (the fun part!)
• Regular cleaning and water changes to keep your new finned friends healthy & happy
• Complete regular water testing, including PH, ammonia levels, nitrite levels, nitrate levels and water hardness
• Need new supplies, fish or decorations? No problem, we’ll pick them up & deliver them for you.
Check us out today! – plans starting as low as $65.99/month.

Tired of your tank’s old look?

Out with the old and in with new! Some new gravel and decorations or maybe an entire new theme may be all you need to give your tank a fresh new appeal. This may even be a good time to change the type of fish in your tank if you’ve been thinking about trying something new! Contact us to day to schedule an appointment with a one of our design consultants to complete one of our “Fish Tank Makeovers.”

Are you a more hands-on hobbyist?

If our service plans “take the fun out of it” for you, check out our standard cleaning rates. We think you’ll find they’re some of the lowest in the industry. Our job is to help you enjoy the hobby no matter what your level of experience or your desired level of involvement.

Need something else?

Don’t be afraid to ask.

We can help you find that custom equipment you need or that hard to find fish.

We are in business to help you enjoy the aquatic experience and we’ll always try our very best to help you in any way we can.

You just have to ask.

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